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Hey there!

I'm Chelsie Knight, and I am passionate about sharing tips, tricks, and motivation about the writing journey as an amateur author. I also tend to get deep in the weeds with all things natural and holistic when it comes to health, family, and living an authentic life. Follow along with me if you don't mind obsessions with books, water skiing, natural remedies, dogs, the occasional curse word and pictures of my stud husband and kiddos. I'm SO excited to get to know you!



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So you plan to breastfeed your baby. Hooray!


But what if things don’t quite follow your plan?


Because, let’s be honest, breastfeeding is not always as simple—or glorious—as folks make it seem.


A new mom is rarely prepared for the drain of breastfeeding (and we’re not just talking milk ducts). No modern mother has time to read a magnum opus on the nipple. Textbooks are great, but we ought to get back to the breast . . . and the heart beating beneath it.


Not Another Breastfeeding Book cuts the fluff and tells it to you straight, from one mother to another. Full of facts and inspiring full-color pictures, Chelsie Knight offers a down-to-earth look at starting and sustaining a breastfeeding relationship. Discover the real ins and outs to conquer any obstacle that mighty baby throws your way.


Easy to read in one sitting or flip through for just a few minutes, these pages offer the support you need to reach your breastfeeding goals.


Because breast milk is pretty amazing for everyone involved.


A little about Chels...

When I became a stay-at-home mom, I loved having the opportunity to watch my kids grow and be there with them on a daily basis. My canines didn’t mind the endless walks and attention either. At the same time, there were those spare, free moments where I wanted to do something more for me. While my days were jam-packed with smiley giggles, dirty diapers, and nursery rhymes on repeat, I strived to pursue one of my own passions, which led to the creation of Not Another Breastfeeding Book. As a mother who personally struggled with most issues that can come up in the breastfeeding journey, I wanted to prep new and expecting mamas with reliable information, tips, and tricks to get them past the hurdles that can easily throw women off of their breastfeeding goals.

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